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Every drop of Jack Daniel’s is distilled in Lynchburg, Tennessee. So, it only made sense to head down south and make some content. And maybe drink a little whiskey, too.

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Art Director: Allison Apperson
Content Creators: Anthony Adamick + Jon Walley
ECD: Chris Valencius
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International Whiskey Day

We’re heading over to the barrelhouse to decide which kind of International Whiskey Day we’re having. Every barrel’s different, so every bottle is unique.

International Firefighters' Day

We’d like to raise a glass of Old No.7 to the first responders.

Earth Day

We won’t stand for whiskey spills. And we don’t just mean at the bar.

April Fool's

You keep crackin’ jokes. We’ll keep makin’ whiskey.

Valentine's Day

We think loving what you do is just as important as loving who you’re with. Especially when what you do is make Tennessee Whiskey. Happy Valentine’s Day from Lynchburg, TN.

Valentine's Day

At Jack Daniel’s, we don’t really have a type. We appreciate them all.

Valentine's Day

This Valentine’s Day, celebrate the fire in your heart. Or in your glass.


It’s just about time for the Tennessee Honey crew to clock-in.

Mother's Day

A little Tennessee Whiskey for doing the toughest job around.

Fashion Week

The closet we’ve gotten to a runway is a walk through a barrelhouse. 

Fashion Week

In Lynchburg, TN, our only accessory is a rocks glass.

International Whiskey Day

International Whiskey Day

Have a smooth International Whiskey Day from the Tennessee Whiskey sipped around the world.

International Whisk(e)y Day

Happy International Whisk(e)y Day. Even if you celebrate without an “e”.


Select carefully. Drink responsibly.

Football season - Interactive Instagram story

Football Season

Georgia Peach Tea

Georgia meets Tennessee in this smooth twist on a southern classic.


There’s something about a tailgate or a warm summer’s day that gives us the sweet tea cravings. We brewed up a pitcher of tea, stirred in a little Georgia peach nectar, then topped it with and a splash Tennessee whiskey. It’s a smooth sippin’ cocktail made to share before the big game or right in your backyard.